Thursday, July 29, 2010

yipppeee's P-day !!!

ha ha hiiiiiieeeee!!! question 1... what do we eat for dinner? we can't go to members houses for dinners (except sunday) it was the old mission presidents rule and we haven't heard any different yet... so we usually eat something quick... pb&j, bean and cheese burrito's, salad... anything that takes less then 15 minutes to make and eat lol... but we've had some really good meals at members homes or less-active members homes... burgers, steak (yessss) potatoes, salads, casseroles (typical mormon dishes) you know... the normal stuff. but usually, it's granola bars, string cheese, and pb&j type stuff... fun huh? :)

brother condon is doing a lot better. we found out that he's had seizures before and has medication for it, but wasn't taking it! but he's got it and he's taking it, so he's fine now. and as for our neighbors... well, we moved. we're temporarily staying at sister bushee's house... yea, the member that just got baptized. "hi, welcome to the church... wanna get baptized? um... can we live with you?" yea, that's pretty much how it went... no, she offered to have us stay there for a few weeks until we find an apartment.. but we're in a teeny tiny attic ha ha... but it works and it's a lot safer then where we were at. the neighbor that survived the fight actually turned out to be a suspect for his brother's death... so we got out of there and everything is good now! so... when you write or whatever, just send them to the mission home address until i can get sister bushee's address.

oh! i totally forgot... i'm going to be with a different companion for a few days... sister nelson is going to a leadership training thing in new hampshire for 3 days so i'm going to be with sister steinbeigle in plymouth, vermont for the next 3 days... we leave tonight and stay in burlington, vermont with sister petersen and sister agle and then tomorrow morning i'm off to plymouth... it's going to be interesting having 2 greenies in an area... i'm really nervous. ah! so pray for me! ha!

and... last thing and i'll quit rambling... president and sister wilkey are so so so amazing... we had our zone interviews on thursday... i had a long talk with both him and sister wilkey... i'm so excited to have them here. i know that they have truly been called of God to be here in this mission and i know they are going to do amazing things here.

but i gotta go! our time is almost up! but i love you and i miss you! until next week... smile :) :) :) xo- me

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  1. Sounds like you are having an amazing time so far... I knew you'd be good out there. I am happy to hear that you were able to move out of that last place, I cant believe they would have you girls living in an area like that.Now I feel better.... Stay safe and keep writing, I love to hear from ya!!! Lesli <3 <3