Sunday, June 20, 2010

week 2 in the MTC

hiiiiiieeeeeeeee :) p-day... yessssss! so... nothing has really changed in the mtc... class allllll the time... BUT! yesterday, we got to host all of the new missionaries that came in... and guess who i got to excort around... jaclyn kahrs! crazy huh??! so tell terry across the street that she says hi.. she's actually in the dorm room almost next to mine... it was really cool. and thank you so much for the cookies... all the sisters in my room seriously love you... i mean i do too :) but they really do... they totally want to meet you :) so we leave on monday morning at 5:00 am from the mtc... so i'm thinking i'll probably call around 5:30 am your time? sorry so early :( and i got a calling card here for 500 minutes... we also have a layover in chicago for an hour so i might try to call you then too but i can't make any promises.
um...... i might be getting a bike in new hampshire! lol!!!! we met a sister here who served in our mission and she said there is one area in portland, maine that is a bike riding area... all the othe sisters say that i'm going to go there first because i already have a split slip! don't worry, i modeled it for everyone... they loved it :) i'm sending a letter today with some pictures in it and some real mtc insight... i might include one with some more funny (sunny) things :) . but really, thanks so much for all the dear elders... i love all of them... especially the one that you said you caught smeedie in the blue frosting... i miss her :( 
i'm singing in sacrament on sunday :) another elder in my district and i are doing a duet... cute huh? i wish you could be here for it. maybe i'll try to record it... meh... we'll see. anyway, all is good here... i'm ready to get out to nh and meet real people... but i've learned so much here already... it's so crazy how the spirit works here. i love you lots and i miss you a lot... can't wait to talk to you bright and early on monday!!! :)
i still hate hate hate nylons,
sister tresner

Friday, June 11, 2010

week 1 in the MTC

 yay it's finally p-day! so much to tell you... first, thank you so much for the cinnamon rolls and for all my dear elder letters... made me smile! you're the best! :) okay, here's the rundown... nylons-hate them... but i do have to wear them everyday... i should have invested in some knee highs... oh well. the clothes... anything goes... seriously, anything. i didn't need to worry about blazers and button up shirts... blah. oh and you don't have to tuck your shirt in... everyone was just trying to scare me. the food is... eh. they do have a TON of food though so i can see why i would need elastic waist band skirts ;) and... they had potato salad one night... so i tried it.. rolly, your is definitely better... i miss it :( we have class for 3-4 hours a day usually twice a day... it's really intense but i'm learning so much. we have 8 elders in our district and 4 sisters... 9 of us are going to nh... the 4 sisters and 5 elders. then we have 2 elders going to india (cool right?) and 1 going to indiana. they are all way fun... i'm going to send home pictures probably next p-day. my companion is sister rust from grantsville, utah. molly to the mormon. i know, i asked for it. but i really do love her... she is super sweet and she knows so much about the gospel... i have a lot to learn! a lot of the time i just end up racking her brain on bible stories and scripture background... poor girl. we also get gym time every day for about an hour... we've been going outside to play volleyball... and thanks to me never playing volleyball in my life, i now have a huge, i mean huge size bruise on the palm of my left hand ha ha... battle wounds. and our p-day is on thursday and that's the only day we get to write letters so i'm sorry i haven't written anyone yet... i'm not allowed lol. and we're only allowed to take pictures on sundays and p-day... blah. there is no caffiene here at the mtc (go figure) so... no dr.pepper for me... but i've actually been okay... drinking my caffiene free diet coke :)
quick funny story about my companion before i forget.. she says "bless you" for everything... i mean everything... not only if you sneeze, but if you cough, clear your throat, sniff, drop something, or shift in your chair... she come right back at you with "bless you!" it's hilarious and i have to try so hard not to laugh everytime she says it. i can almost call out everytime she's gonna say it. i'm usually right on. oh and she saw my tattoo on my foot. i'm sure she about died inside and probably repented in silence for me... bless her heart.

from the missionary who doesn't wear a dork dot anymore,

sister tresner

Destination: MTC

The time to leave has come!

On Tuesday, June 1st, we loaded the car and made the 6 hour drive to Provo.
We wanted to go through the Salt Lake Temple for the first time together before Ashley reported to the MTC. We went with some friends, Nick Welch and his mom, Jackie. It was a neat experience.

Then it was time to say goodbye. Ashley's report time was 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday June 2nd.
It was hard saying goodbye to my girl, but at the same time I'm really excited for her.
I know this is what she really wants to be doing, and I know she will be blessed for all her hard work.

Behold my Spirit is upon you, wherefore all thy words will I justify; and the mountains shall flee before you, and the rivers shall turn from their course; and thou shalt abide in me, and I in you; therefore walk with me.

Moses 6:34