Monday, July 12, 2010's Ashley's P-day !!

yes, i live above the catch penny thrift store... top floor! and... if you haven't noticed, there is a bar right under us too... fabulous. we are actually trying to move out...our neighbors are... umm... not so safe? i'll keep you updated though... we keep our door locked!
our week has been really good! we have 4 potential investigators that are set to be baptized the end of the month! and... this last thursday we got to meet our new mission president and his wife... president and sister wilkey. they are really amazing... sister wilkey is a convert to the church and president wilkey actually served his mission here! they both have such strong testimonies and seem really down to earth... AND... no more nylons!! only to church, baptisms and meetings! yay! AND... even better... our skirts don't have to be "mid-calf length" yesssss! just over the knee when we sit down... ha ha... now i have all these frumpy skirts :( oh well... better for winter!

p-day... our p-day is nuts... we literally are running around all day... we have to drive at least 30 minutes to the nearest wal-mart in a town called ticonderoga, ny for groceries and to do our laundry and wash the car... so we don't have time to do anything fun really... it's kind of a bummer. not that there is a whole lot to do here anyway... ah! i did eat at mcdonalds today! first time since i've been gone! ha ha... sad, isn't it? peanut butter and jelly have become one of my best friends. oh and i tried maple drops! the maple syrup in the snow stuff... it's just like a maple syrup candy... it's pretty yummy :)

poor smeedie... tell her i miss her... and i'd take her if i could :) it was definitely hot here this week... like 105 plus 90% humidity... blast. it was awful... i have bug bites all over my legs... and one on my foot that is making my whole foot swell and all tingly... i can't even fit it in my shoe :( if it doesn't go down by tomorrow, i'm going to have to call sister wilkey and get to a doctor :(

but... i do have to go... only 30 minutes goes by really quick. i haven't really taken many pictures here yet... so once i take more i'll send you some... but i love you and i'll talk to you next week! miss you miss you! love- me :)

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  1. Tresner,
    Sounds like you are having a good mission. Your mission president sounds like a good guy and knows that its hard enough to just server so why make it even harder with some silly rules. Keep killing it looking forward to reading this blog over the next 18 months. Whats your address so I can send you mail and stuff.
    Troy Smits from Cali