Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the life and...WHAT A WEEK...for Sister Tresner

hi mom :) and rolly :) and baby smeedie and miss and "little"... wow sounds like you had a busy week! we did too... we have been busy running around teaching people! we are teaching some really amazing people here... we were referred to a man named john about a week ago... he's really interested and has lots of questions... AND... we started teaching one of our neighbors too... a fifteen year old boy named andrew... he is amazing! we set a date for him to be baptized on august 28th... sister nelson and i have been praying to be able to teach someone who will someday go on a mission... and he's already been talking about a mission... asking us all sorts of questions about it... he's so eager to learn... he's amazing!

we also had some really sad things happen this week... we teach a book of mormon study group every tuesday night... and one of our recent converts, brother condon was there... he's 70 years old but he's probably my favorite member in our branch... anyway, he got real quiet toward the end of the lesson and at the end of the lesson, he couldn't get up from the chair... he was completely non-responsive... we thought it was from his diabetes, that his blood sugar was low... so we got home some food to eat... and while is was eating, he started having a seizure and passed out. sister nelson and i caught him and had to hold him there until the ambulance came. long story short, he is okay... he had a gran mal (spelling?) seizure... it was super sad... but we're all glad he's okay. and the other thing that happened was... we got some new neighbors a few weeks ago... justin and josh who are brothers and then their girlfriends... we had only met them a few times but yesterday we heard that someone got ran over and killed in the middle of the night... turns out, it was justin, our neighbor... him and his brother were out drinking and ended up getting into a fight so justin left and was walking on the road... someone hit him and then he got ran over 2 more times before someone noticed him in the road. and the same night his brother, josh, ended up getting beat up somewhere and was beat up so bad that he was put into a coma. it's super sad and this town is so small that everyone either knows them, or was related to them...

anyway, yes we're still trying to move... no news yet but they're working on it. but i have to go... i got my "breakfast" package today... thanks :) you're the best! i love you and i'll try to write you today if i have time... miss you :) love-me :)

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