Monday, August 9, 2010

What..."no email Mondays"...??

Ugh...I hate "no email Mondays"! Here's an update via a letter to let you know about my week!
   So...I spent 3 days in Plymouth, New Hampshire, not Plymouth, bad. There is a Plymouth, Vermont...but I didn't find out I was going to New Hampshire until Monday night. We stayed in Burlington, Vermont. with 2 other sisters, Sister Petersen & Sister Agle. Then Tuesday we left early in the morning to Plymouth to drop me off and the others went on to Bedford, NH.                                                                              Sister Steinbeagle and I had 3 good was real stressful for me...she is struggling to feel comfortable. We managed! I did have the coolest experience while I was there though: We had an appointment to teach one of their investigators for the first time...and since it was Sister Steinbeagle's area, I was going to let her teach...well we got there and we started teaching Lee...and Sister Steinbeagle totally blanked...couldn't talk at all. So I pretty much taught the whole lesson...up until Joseph Smith and the First Vision...then I panicked! I didn't know the First Vision at all! Ah! Sister Steinbeagle for sure didn't know it, so...I stopped, said a prayer in my head, and went on. I told him all about Joseph Smith and looked him in the eyes and recited the First Vision. About halfway through, he closed his eyes...when I finished, he opened them and tears were running down his cheeks. I don't think I've felt the Spirit so strong during a lesson yet on the mission. It was amazing. Lee committed to be baptized on August 29th and is going to continue to read the Book of Mormon. I'm absolutely dying to know what is going to happen with him and won't have any idea until Zone Conference. Ah! :(  I don't know what happened to me during that lesson, but I know it wasn't me talking. I've never said the First Vision out loud before...the Spirit works in mysterious ways!
     I also recently met our new Mission President, President Wilkey and his wife. They are amazing! One thing that Sister Wilkey said to me was, "Be yourself...everyone else is taken". I am thankful for my time spent with Sister Steinbeagle, those 3 days taught me a lot.  I was able to see a lot of success in those 3 days just being me!

                                                                                    Love,  Sister Tresner
P.S. Can you believe it's been 2 months already?!!

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