Monday, August 9, 2010

P-day or no P-day...where's my girl...?

hiiieeeee :) yay for emails! i miss you! i hate "no email mondays"... but... here is the update... we moved out of sister bushee's attic... into a house. the address is 6 secluded way port henry, ny. 12974. it's been a crazy hectic week moving and cleaning... you wouldn't believe how nasty people live here... we spent a good 7 hours cleaning the house on friday. yuck. but we're moved and it's all good! We have a baptism on saturday!!! and... look at the date on saturday... the 14th. the same day as my baptism 6 years ago! neat huh? He's a man named john breed. he is amazing... he's 59 years old... he's single and lived by himself... he's had a really hard life... he watched his dad get hit by a car outside of his house about 10 years ago... and then tried to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head... and by doing that he suffered a major stroke so he's a little slow but he has such a strong testimony... he is amazing and it's been so neat to watch him grow in the gospel. i'll take some pictures this weekend and hopefully get some out to you next week :)

and... sister nelson and i made it through transfers... we're both staying here in ny for another 6 weeks at least! we're both really excited... a lot of good things are going to happen here before we leave! we're teaching a really cute family... sherman and krista crowe and their 2 kids damion (he's 6) and olivia (she's almost 3)... they are coming along super slow but they will be amazing members... they are so excited about everything they are learning... and they are so stinkin cute... i'll get a picture of them too!

so i inherited 2 heavy winter coats already here! yay that means i don't have to buy any! i am going to need long sleeve shirts and leggings and stuff like that though... not right now but if you want to start looking, it would be nice :) our extent of shopping is at wal-mart. barf. and... the leaves are changing here already... it's going to be really pretty. i'll send some leaves home ha ha. oh speaking of, i'm trying to get a little package together to send home... anything in particular you want from here?? lol...

                                                                                    smile :)  love, me

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