Thursday, May 27, 2010

farewell, food, fun and friends

sunday, may 23rd was my mission farewell at church. here is a picture recap of the day:

the food

the fun

the friends (well, some)

this last picture is amazing for two reasons... reason #1: these are some of my best friends from high school (minus micah, but he can be inducted in, no big deal) and i love them. reason #2: the girl in the green is my best friend and couldn't make it to my farewell... or so i thought! my sneaky mom flew her out from st.louis, missouri so she could be at my farewell... how lucky am i?!?

i just love her :)

and my cute mom. i just love her too.

so there you have it. a mini recap of my farewell. i have the best friends/family. the end.